Public Complaints Box

Welcome to the Public Complaints Box

(A Petition to the Executive Vice Chairman, NCC over the fraudulent deductions by GSM operators via caller-tunes and customised SMS)

                                           Public Notice
1). Do you still receive unjustifiable 'crazy' bills from the electricity distribution company, DISCO in your location with facts?

2).  Have you experienced unjustifiable deductions on your GSM by the service provider with facts?

3). Have you been intimidated by the law enforcement agency personnel or persons in authority lately with facts?

If you fall within any of the categories, kindly keep us informed on this platform provided with verifiable facts. Fill the box below with:

a). Name;
b). Telephone;
c). Location, and
d). The issue.

We will not hesitate to forward the complaints to the appropriate quarters and follow it up to a logical conclusion.

We can stop all these vices in the society if we are determined.

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