CARL UMEGBORO: the one man-battalion by Ari-Ajia Olanrewaju

It was in one of the tributes to Professor Wole Soyinka that someone was once reported to have eulogized the Nobel laureate as a tree that makes a forest. This is contrary to the Yoruba proverb that goes 'Igi kan o le da Igbo se’.  It is, of course, an indisputable fact that a tree does not make a forest. However, what we imagine informed the reinvention of that age long proverb, a la, inversion, is not unlikely as a result of Kongi's indomitable energy at fighting injustice.
There are not many people in our clime with this kind of selflessness: late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN; the legal luminary is another name that readily comes to our mind. The one-quality that runs through the minds of people with this selfless zeal is for them not to believe in a course. They dispense as much energy and time to their conviction as they can deny same of anything that does not catch their fancy. When they are at work, they get intoxicated in their belief, such that their own spirit cannot even stop them. A critical look at their zeal shows that they are controlled by a higher force; a force that starts and ends in illumination. It is for this reason that they cannot stand injustice and anything that has to do with darkness.
Just as in the larger society, there are not many of them in our own NOUNAA as well. This is while people like Mr. Carl Umegboro should always be celebrated; for choosing not to follow the way of criminal-minded in our midst, instead choosing to fight the cause of our Alma Mata when many are too afraid to identity with the institution. Sometimes, we wonder if you do other things but think and live NOUN. From The Guardian newspapers to The PUNCH; Vanguard; Daily SUN; Nigerian Tribune; Daily Trust; The Nation; Telegraph and other various media you have carried your advocacy of the school; every week, no end. What an unparalleled PR you have been doing for the school. The kind one is not afraid to say that the school is incapable of doing herself. You have chosen to put NOUN matter on the front burner, feeding the conscience of Nigeria with our plights.
We have no doubt that you have raised an army of sympathizers and disciples for the NOUN cause in and around the world through a plethora of your write-ups. It is as much about your write-ups as much as the depth of your legal logics that we are here celebrating. For I am sure that while someone somewhere is reading one of those numerous articles of yours, that someone somewhere is asking himself and herself, somewhere some days that, but if NOUN is able to produce the likes of this writer, why won't naysayers allow NOUN graduates in Law School?
While others, selfish, self-centred and myopic are busy scheming on how to pocket NOUNAA, you are busy planning on how to make NOUNAA an all-time legacy. For a viable NOUN is a viable NOUNAA. What an uncommon hero of our time. The great job you are doing for NOUN, we know that even NOUN management will never do it. Since, they will rather look away, play games with those that are the obstacles, in order to keep their own jobs. This is why we believe that when the time comes for recognitions and appreciation of worthy members of our enclave, your place will surely be on the first role- certainty and surely, premium inter partes. We have no doubt in our mind that when that time comes, there will surely be nothing to count on the side of those self-anointed ambassadors and senior advocates of NOUNAA other than debts from their abuse of privileges against our alumni and inactive service.  Thank you, our illustrious and fearless one-man battalion. This is only a token of our appreciation.
Ari-Ajia Olanrewaju  +234 816 111 7747
(12th December, 2017)

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