Memories And Tributes Of Late Mrs ELIZABETH NDIONUKA UMEGBORO (1940 - 2016)

My dearest mum, To God alone be the glory for a life well spent. Indeed, it was a big blow that you left so sudden, and sadly, when you were recovering from the brief illness that attacked you. We are short of words to describe your sudden departure.
However, it’s not how long but how well. You are an inspiration to us all-your children and myself in particular. You’re strong and a bulldozer indeed, hence triumphed over all the attacks of the wicked ones.
Above all, you’re a faithful believer; special friend of Jesus and l know that the angels in heaven will be rejoicing as they welcome home an angel they missed so long (for 76yrs).No wonder you formulated a slogan " Jesus lgwe " which spread like fire the world over.
Mum, you have gone but you are still alive because of all your children you left behind. God allowed you to go not because the devil and his cohorts could intimidate you but to give us a stronger slot in heaven. As you believed throughout your lifetime that when God opens a door, no man can close it, we are confident that the light of God will continue to shine in and through us.
No doubt, we will miss you so much sweet mum, but our consolation is that you received the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ who is our rock and shield, and therefore a confirmed candidate of the kingdom of God. As you meet your hubby Akabue in heaven, extend our love to him. We shall never deviate from the legacy you both laid for us your children. Have a pleasant rest in the bossom of the Lord almighty. Adieu mama.

Chukwudi Akabue-Umegboro
(First son)

Our dear mother, Your sudden demise at this time truly tried our faith in the Lord; not because death is new but you had conquered in many more terrifying battles and stood firm and unshakable on account of your strong belief in the supreme creator.
I can go on and on to list your overwhelming attributes but will caption the following three for brevity;

     YOUR SELFLESSNESS:  Incontrovertibly, you cannot in any ramification be charged for selfishness. You believed in others before self which distinguished you among equals. You’re a giving and caring person who would give to a needy person at any time. You’re utterly selfless; always thinking of others first before yourself. Severally, you couldn’t but took up issues that concerned others to thwart intimidations.

   YOUR BOLDNESS: Quintessentially, you’re a bold woman throughout your lifetime. You confronted and addressed darkness without fears. Even for a million dollars, you would never be part of a conspiracy to intimidate the helpless in the society, rather, you would call for direction against a deviation. Your black is black; white is white any day, any time irrespective of whose ox is gored. This singular act made the devil always threatened at your sights. You had a zero-tolerance attitude on evil deeds.

    YOUR FAITH: Remarkably, your unwaveringness and commitment in service to God is unparalleled. You were a woman of prayers who remained steadfast in Christian faith despite various challenges. This earned you the title of “JESUS IGWE!” Your contentment distinguished you among equals. You never wished anyone evil and will never hesitate to avert evils directed at your neighbours. You’re always your neighbours keeper. Conclusively, you indeed fought a good fight, finished your course and kept the faith to the end. Congratulations ma! I salute your doggedness!
We will miss you! I will miss you! However, I am confident of one thing that we will certainly meet to part no more in the Lord’s bosom. Goodnight ma!

Carl Ogochukwu Umegboro

The moment you left us that fateful day, my heart were torn in two, one side filled with heartache & the other the reality that you are no longer with us. Most times I lie awake at night when the world is fast asleep & take a walk down memory lane with tears running down my cheeks of all you sacrificed & suffered for our well-being. I miss you now and forever will; that’s the heartache that won’t go away.

Though I miss now, I am thankful to God for a life well lived. You fully supported your husband to give your child the best a mother can ever give to her children; a life of integrity, education, diligence & most importantly - future hope by planting our feet on the solid rock Jesus.
Your life was a sacrifice for your children and everyone around. Thank, you mum for the never ending prayers for us and the family at large.

You were my ally, teacher, mentor and much more, even in death you’ll still be my inspiration & driving force. You were an embodiment of humility, a virtuous woman with the heart of Gold. I am forever proud to be your daughter.

As hard as I try to suppress my emotions, my mum is gone and it’s a bit difficult to suppress what I felt that day and still feel. The only consolation is the fact that you may be gone but your legacy burns brightly in our hearts and we know you are resting in God’s bosom.
My irreplaceable mum, I will forever miss you.
Rest in Peace Dearest Mummy!
Emylia – Daughter

4. Tribute To A Special Mother
Mama, your death brought pain to me but because nobody questions the will of God , I can only thank God who gave u long life and well spent too, I grew up with my mother's love as the fourth child and she natured me and taught me to be faithful in all I do.
I am sincerely grateful to God for the special gift of my mum. She was always supportive and ready to give her all; mama has indeed lived for her season but death is truly the era of an end, I  will never forget my darling mother.  The almighty God who gave you life has called you home to rest and it is now for us the living to re-dedicate ourselves to principles of truth , hard work, compassion  by which you lived.
Mama, though you are dead, your legacy lives on and people will see you through us. We love u mum but God loves you most. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Good night mum.

Okwuchukwu Umegboro

Life in deed is a mystery. Your demise was a big blow to us. However, I have learnt through your sojourn on earth that it is not so much about the length of life that matters but the impact one was able to make while on earth.
Mama, you lived a good, upright, courageous, unstained, simple, calm and fulfilled life. You were a frank, straight forward and God fearing woman. We would strive by God’s grace to guard this legacy you left for us. It’s our desire that you stay much longer than this, but as the Lord prayed, “Father, let your will alone be done” we have accepted it hoping to meet again when we will meet to part no more.
Adieu Mama
Anuli (Daughter)

On board an aeroplane on a holiday trip

Mama, your sudden death broke our heart as we are still in shock to acknowledge the fact that we have lost our sweet and lovely mother. We know that death is inevitable but we didn’t know it will come so sudden at this period. You’re a mother per excellence; a mother of the finest quality; JESUS Igwe as you always proclaimed.
We learnt so much about life from you during your lifetime. You made every hour of the day important as such moment was filled with patience, kindness and joy.
Mama, you were straight forward and always sincere. Jesus Igwe! You lived a good, upright, courageous and fulfilled life, above all, you accepted Jesus as the Lord of your life and feared God. We will strive by the grace of God to guard this legacy you left for us. We will always love you even in death. May the almighty God grant you a perfect rest in His bosom in Jesus name. Adieu  great mother! Adieu fearless mummy! Adieu Jesus Igwe!!!
Your Son,
Sunny Ogechukwu Umegboro

Indeed, it is still a great shock to us, to acknowledge that your departure leaving us behind. You were a loving and caring mother. However, l have learnt through your sojourn on earth that it is not so much about the length of life that matters, but what one was able to achieve while on earth. You loved, trusted and believed your creator so much that you chose to praise and adore Him at every given opportunity.

One legacy that distinguished you from others is that you never wished anyone evil and never participated in any conspiracy throughout your lifetime, rather always contented with what God gave you. You practiced your Christianity to its fullest and dedicated yourself in the things of the Lord. Even in the midst of evil attacks, you remained focused, submissive to the Lord and always praising His name with “Jesus Igwe”. That alone made you a strong woman. 

With grandchildren, Chiamaka and Ebuka at Abuja
Indeed, devil took us unaware and robbed us of a valuable asset to the family by your death. Mama, you were so caring to go at this time we need you so much. l wish I could stop it, I would have done so mama.
Your motherly advises to us to look only unto God is the only consolation we have because your death has created a great vacuum that will be difficult to fill. We love you mama, Jesus lgwe, nwanyi bu ulo, but God loves you most. May your gentle soul rest in peace Jesus name. Adieu!.
Chidinma umegboro.
(Your last born).


Alhough your death came as a shock, we all know that only God knows the day and the time when He will call. Length of days does not define achievement nor good life. What defines good life and achievement is life lived in Christ.

I always think of my days as a young seminarian in Ihiala and the first day I arrived at your home: the joy with which I was embraced by you and papa is indescribable. The words of wisdom and encouragement in the face of difficulties and the spirit with which you shared what you have endeared me to you and the entire family. Your family took me as one of theirs and has ever been very dear to me.

Mama, you live on in your children. We miss you but heaven has gained another angel. Now you may rest in peace beside papa. I will keep your family in my prayers and will celebrate a mass in your memory here in Canada.
 Adieu! Gaa nke oma.
Rest in peace.

Rev. Fr. (Captain) Chinedu Chukwu
Canadian Armed Forces.

Mama with first son and his family
Mama, I never thought that when I spoke with you on the phone that will be the last time I will hear your voice. Your death was unexpected but just as Christians; we shall accept the will of God knowing well that you are in His bosom.
Nevertheless, your liberal mind, kindness and strong faith in God are virtues that we will always remember you for and try to build on them so that your life will be seen through us. There is no better way to bear your loss than the assurance that you are sifted in the heavenly places with Christ.

                                                                                          Mrs. Nkechi Umegboro
                                                                                               (Daughter in-law).

Grand ma, It is so sad you left us in this wicked world without saying goodbye.
Mma Ihiala, we miss you and love you but God loves you most. We pray that God will keep you in His kingdom where we will all meet and never part from each other. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.
Your grandchildren,
Hon. Tobechukwu Mbanaso’s family (Ohakpu)

At Abuja Airport on elderly persons wheel chair

It is with heavy heart and deep sorrow that we the members of George Chukwueto’s family received the sad news of the death of this great woman Madam Elizabeth Umegboro (Nne-oma).
It is barely five years ago when a great Iroko Tree in person of Late Chief Boniface Umegboro, the Okpara of Umuezeawala who was your dear husband left us.
We thought that you would have stayed longer to cater for your children who are now orphans but the will of God must be obeyed.
Eliza, you were a very caring and loving mother. You lived a very exemplary life and we pray that the Almighty God will grant you a very peaceful rest in his bosom where you will once unite with your dear husband to part no more.
Adieu Eliza! Adieu a humble woman until we meet to part no more.
Nze Ezinna George Chukwueto & family

Relaxing at home
As ordinary human beings, we are not allowed to ask why God has done His will rather, in every situation, we give him thanks.
Since Eliza has come and has done the assignment which God has sent her to in Ogbeleje’s family to break the gate of brass which satan used to close the door through which male children were coming into the family and to always call a spade a spade without fear or favour – the same he who sent her now calls her to return home for her reward for the job well done.
Though we mourn for her exit, yet we cannot change the will of God. All we can say is, daughter of God, who received the anointing from God, the anointing which was able to break the gate of brass fixed by Satan, may your soul rest in peace Amen.

By Elder Gab. Maduegboaka Umegboro
For my family

Mama with second daughter at Port Harcourt
      13.  Tribute To A Great Mother!
I received with a heavy heart the sad news of your passing away. It's unfortunate you have left this world to the great beyond but I know you are in heaven with god. Those of us you left behind will celebrate the great life you lived on this earth .though we will miss you but the good lord has taking you. i will always remember the time when i am living with you, then when i am taking my study at Christ Royal Secondary School Ihiala .
Mama you showed me love, you cared for me , that is why I am working very hard hopping that one day I will pay you back, but death could not let my dream come. You have departed this world but you left behind a legacy of honesty, strength and righteousness. Go in peace and rest with Lord. No more sickness and worries. Jee nke oma mama . Ilove you mama.
Engr. Collins Mmadu . (Nwadiala)

Mama with a grandchild, Ebuka

It is so hard and painful to believe that you are no more. Your sweet memories will always be remembered. I and my family missed you a lot. We also pray that the good Lord will grant you eternal rest. Amen
Adieu Nwanyi bu ulo!
Adieu Ezi Nwanyi!
Adieu mama till we meet to part no more.

                                                       From Mrs. Ngozika Umegboro-Akujieze and family

Mama with papa at an event
I was shocked when I received the news of your demise. I was happy that you were recovery well, I never  knew that your home call was near. Mama you fell asleep without saying goodbye to me.  You were a selfless, compassionate, caring and detribalised person.  You were a steadfast wife and a noble mother. I wished God had spared you a few more years to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I will miss your smiling face and friendly welcome each time I visit. I am comforted by the fact that you made peace with God while you were alive. May the Lord give strength and consolation to the family you left behind. FAREWELL MAMA ,REST IN PEACE.
Mrs Margaret Ekpo

Mama during a leisure at Abuja

Mama at a investiture ceremony of papa and other well wishers

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Mama at an event

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  1. Lawrence Momah11 July 2016 at 15:47

    Emyliia,though death is inevitable,she left a legacy in you and your siblings.
    I just learnt of her death today.Please accept my heart felt condolence and may her soul rest in the bossom of the Lord.